Set default font for sticky notes

The answer by NudeRaider in this link works.

The simplest way is you type something in Word Pad, change text into the font you want, and then paste that text into Sticky notes. However, I don’t want to carry out copy-paste task all the time. I want to reset the default font for Sticky Notes.

I replace all the “Segoe Print” in StikyNot.exe.mui with Arial font. (StikyNot.exe.mui is placed in folder “C:\Windows\System32\en-US\StikyNot.exe.mui”). By changing the *.mui file, we can make sure that Sticky Notes now use Arial as the default font instead of Segoe Print.


Total COmmander–Shortcut Keys I love

You might want to check the full list of shortcut keys in KeyXL.

Brief view: Ctrl + F1 <== I use brief view most of the time

Deselect all: Ctrl + Num –

Sort by name: Ctrl + F3

Sort by extension: Ctrl + F4

Sort by date/time: Ctrl + F5

Sort by size: Ctrl + F6

Open bookmark: Ctrl + D

Show file properties: Ctrl + F12

Copy current path to cmd line: Ctrl + P

Download pronunciation for english words

1. I use found in anki-english-helper google code site. So you need to go here and download

2. You need to download the AudioBarron.doc file: Audio, and change the extension from *.doc into *.py

You might want to change the fileName in line 6
fileName = 'EnglishWords.txt'

3. The input is the text file, in the code, the text file will be named “EnglishWords.txt”, 1 line for each word. For example, if you want to download pronunciation of “mother”, and “father”. The text file will look like this:


4. You need to install Python to run the source code

5. Put the text file in step 3, the from step 1, and the *.py file from step 3 in the same folder. And just call
python "link to the *.py in step 2"
For example:
python "d:\Code\PronunciationDownloadCode\"