Download pronunciation for english words

1. I use found in anki-english-helper google code site. So you need to go here and download

2. You need to download the AudioBarron.doc file: Audio, and change the extension from *.doc into *.py

You might want to change the fileName in line 6
fileName = 'EnglishWords.txt'

3. The input is the text file, in the code, the text file will be named “EnglishWords.txt”, 1 line for each word. For example, if you want to download pronunciation of “mother”, and “father”. The text file will look like this:


4. You need to install Python to run the source code

5. Put the text file in step 3, the from step 1, and the *.py file from step 3 in the same folder. And just call
python "link to the *.py in step 2"
For example:
python "d:\Code\PronunciationDownloadCode\"