How to make AutoAligner work in OSX

I’m using AutoAligner (GitHub) to do some alignment things in Sublime. However, after installing the default key (ctrl+k, ctrl+a) doesn’t work.

It turns out that the repository doesn’t have the file Default (OSX).sublime-keymap

You can add this file by the following:

  1. Preferences -> Browse Package
  2. Duplicate the file `Default (Linux).sublime-keymap` and rename to Default (OSX).sublime-keymap



book = 'A more beautiful question'
author = 'Warren Berger'

Select those 2 lines in Sublime, then press ctrl+k, followed by ctrl+a

book   = 'A more beautiful question'
author = 'Warren Berger'


non-breaking space

non-breaking space is a space that does not allow a line break to be inserted in that space.

In Sublime, you can find whether your document has a non-breaking space by hitting Ctrl + F, then type in Alt + Space. This is a non-breaking space. And Sublime will highlight if we have that in our document.